Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Halfway Test

My, how time flies when you are having fun! And the truth is I am enjoying myself thoroughly. Life is full of good friends, exciting possibilities, entertaining activities; who knew life could remain so sweet even in sugar’s absence?

Sunday marked the end of week one, the halfway point, and without sounding too self-adulatory, I’ve been pretty much perfect. I’m happy to report that my sugar cravings have diminished significantly and my food choices have become overall healthier. That isn’t to say each day is free of alluring enticements. I spent Sunday evening with my grandmother and my cousin’s family; a wonderful affair filled with incredible food and even better conversation. But when dessert came around it couldn’t have been more seductively sweet- freshly baked, homemade chocolate chip cookies with ice cream. I think my hosts felt worse about my situation than I did as they assured me they wouldn’t think less of me if I decided to indulge.

The thought definitely crossed my mind as the cookies baked and their sweet aroma filled the air. I rationalized (aka: made excuses) by thinking “I’ve been so good. And it’s true; no one would think less of me for one slip-up.” As I tried to come up with a better reason for eating the cookie I remembered that most observers of traditional Lent don’t count the six Sunday’s during the forty day period because it is considered to be a mini-Easter. “What if I made Sunday my day off” I thought. Then my experiment would be more authentic and in line with this blog’s name.

But when those cookies and ice cream hit the table I didn’t even want them. This was just another test of will. I could eat a cookie, feel a little guilty about it, get back on track and remain sugar-free the rest of the week. No big deal. But I could also eat a cookie, feel guilty about it, eat another cookie, feel guiltier about that, go home, and continue to drown my guilt in more treats and call off the whole thing. In the end, skipping dessert seemed like the least emotionally complicated option and furthermore, an opportunity to recommit to my goal at the crucial halfway juncture. Once I made my decision seeing everyone else eat their dessert wasn’t even difficult. Surely, there will be plenty of chocolate chip cookies over the years and it was definitely worth it to miss out now and keep my resolve, conscience, and dignity intact.


  1. Oooooh, that sounds like a tough one, but I'm sure you made the right call. It's sort of like a marathon, right? It wouldn't feel as good if you had someone give you a ride for part of it, even if it was only for a mile or so. And then you'd probably be tempted to just stay in the car and forget the whole race, ha ha. Anyhow, only one week left...I hope you are coming up with a good celebratory treat!

  2. self-control FTW!

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